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Relax & Indulge

The silence will emerge pure compassion so that human beings will be easier to reflect in order to learn the harmonization between God, other human beings and nature. Such as those expressed by Lao Tze, a renowned Chinese philosopher that “Silence is a source of great strength”, then it must be admitted that the silence containing outstanding magma. That is what Puri Brata Resort is aiming for, a beautiful and serene place just 4 km from the south coast of Yogyakarta.

Carrying out traditional Javanese architecture, Puri Brata Resort also slipped Balinese elements into the design concept. The terracing game as a zone divider becomes one of the accents that gives a strong impression of how complex this takes on a bit of Balinese architecture aspect. The landscape is beautiful with the game of stone and wood elements also reminded of it. The combination of these two vernacular architectures makes Puri Brata Resort a place that is rich in the philosophy and order of thick traditional architecture.

Settling in Puri Brata means we must understand once the mission that brought, namely to promote silence and tranquility that blend with the environment. Forget the luxurious facilities like a star hotel, including television in the room or pool, because all presented with the spirit of simplicity and simplicity. The atmosphere offered in Puri Brata Resort not only raises the spiritual side, but guests will also feel the same eclectic and romantic scent.


Start your day with a pleasant-smelling

Indigenous atmosphere of Java